How To Accept and Reject All Friend Request on Facebook in single click

Steps To Reject All Friend Request on Facebook

Step 1:- First Open Your Browser (Google Chrome) And Search For Facebook Toolkit or Click Here to Download.

Step 2:- Then Click on Add TO Chrome Button and after that click add the extension when Popup Appear.


Step 3:- Then You will see FST Icon in your browser Top Corner.

Step 4:- Now Go To and login With your Email and Password.

Step 5:- Now When Facebook load then you have to Click on FST Icon.


Step 6:- Then Click on Accept/Reject all Request At once.

Step 7:- If You Want To Accept All Request Click on Accept All And If You Want to Reject All Request Click on Reject All.

Step 8:- Then In Wait for Few Seconds Your All Request Will Accepted/Rejected .

Note :- Use This Tool 2-3 Times Per Day.If You Use This Tool Many Times Facebook Banned Your Account Permanently. 


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