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Facebook trick :How To Make Single Name Account On Facebook (hide last name trick)

Hello Techfundaz fan’s today we will share With Facebook Trick How to Make Single Name Profile On Facebook? or How to Hide Last Name on Facebook? Is your question similar to these two?, Yes? OK, first of all let you know it’s possible and very easy to do such thing …

Facebook Tricks

How to Make Facebook Song Name ID – 2017

First Download Hola VPN (Click here) or Tunnel Bear VPN (Click Here) 2.         Select JAPAN Country  3.         Than Go to Facebook.com  >  Setting > General > Edit Name 4.          Before the Name Write This Japanese Symbol >>   …

Facebook Tricks

Facebook Long Stylish Ghost Name List – [Updated]

Hello Friends. We Updated this Facebook Long Stylish and Ghost Names for Our Visitors 🙂 Please share this post to Help us! Thank you and Enjoy   Mɽ Pèŗfècţ ち ち Կշօ Յշօ 유웃 亠 ジ气覀气亠 亠 ΞΔ ΞΔ ΞΔ լ. վ. Յ. Girlś-dóor’rāhoɱujhşy Wårŋa-Wo’hāal Króŋga-k’ŋafråtKro-gi’khudşy Μγ ηαΜε ιξ κΗαη Ѕвв’ќѻјѧӏѧѧ-ЌѧяЯѧѧќђ’ …

Facebook Tricks

How To Accept and Reject All Friend Request on Facebook in single click

Steps To Reject All Friend Request on Facebook Step 1:- First Open Your Browser (Google Chrome) And Search For Facebook Toolkit or Click Here to Download. Step 2:- Then Click on Add TO Chrome Button and after that click add the extension when Popup Appear. Step 3:- Then You will see FST …

Facebook Tricks

How To Make Facebook Id Viral In 5 Minutes – 2016

Hi Friends – Many people make big pages by making new verifed facebook ids and convert then into pages after making 5k friends. And they can merge 5 pages in single page and easily make 25k page in a single day. But for this trick we have to make 5k …

Facebook Tricks

Facebook Stylish Name & Ghost Name list

All are acceptable Facebook Stylish Name. Just copy and paste it on Your Facebook Account Username. 👉You Also use combination of Ghost name and Stylish name.. 👉 Both for Boys and Girls. Let’s Start…. 👉Тэяї Ҩїягяїєиԁ Ќѧ Вѻчғяїэпԁ 👉Təɽʌ’bʌʌp ʜooŋ Sʌʌlə 👉Hærtlêss ßôý 👉MyFàthér’Callme -Badßoy 👉MyMother’CallMe -goodßoy 👉MySister’CallMe -Chocklètyßoy 👉MyGirlfriend’Ca …