(Update) Latest Uber Promo Codes (All India)

Latest Uber Promo Codes- 100


Latest Working Uber Promo Codes

Latest Uber 150 off Promo Codes:

Working Uber Promo Codes- MUMAIR150 (150 Off for Airport Rides only in Mumbai)


Latest Uber 75 off Promo Codes:

(Upcoming) Uber 75 off on 2 Rides (All Users)-

  • Uber Promo Code- HELLO2017
  • Valid for all users.
  • Valid 2 times per user.
  • Valid for Delhi Only
  • Valid from Dec 31, 2016 11:30 PM to Jan 1, 2017 11:30 PM.

{Update 30 Nov} Uber 75*2 off on First Two Ride – Tatasky75 (All India)

{Update 30 Nov} Uber 75 off on First Ride – HNY2017 (Valid till 15 Jan, 2017 in Lucknow)

{Update- 26 Dec} Uber 75*3 off Promo- Byebye2016 (75*3 off in Delhi NCR till 30 Dec)

  • Not valid on Pool and Moto

{Update -24 Dec} Uber 75*2 off Promo- UBERPUC150 (All India 75*2 off code)


Latest Uber 50 off Promo Codes:

Uber Referral Code- gfvbnatwue (50 Off on your first 3 rides- All India)

  • Just comment your refer code below and we will update it on our site.

(Update 30 Dec) Uber 50*2 off Promo Code- NEWYEAR2017 (Valid till 31st Dec – PAN India)

Uber Promo Code- APOLLO2016 (Changed from 75off to Uber 50 off Promo Code)

Working Uber Promo Codes- MMX150 (Uber 50*3 in all over India)

50% off On 6 Uber Rides:

Uber New Promo Codes- ICICI50

  • Enter promo code ICICI50 and pay via ICICI Bank Expressions Debit Card
  • Enjoy 50% discount on your next 6 rides with Uber while using your ICICI Bank Expressions Debit Card.
  • For more Details Click Here.
  • Valid till 31st Dec,2016


Beware! Expired Codes Ahead:

Uber 100 off promo code- SDCAB100 ( All india 100 off promo code)

Uber Promo – Googlemaps (It may show 20$ but It will convert to 75 Rs off Code)

Latest Uber Codes – Google (Uber 75 off  All India)

Uber 150 off Promo Code- ZETA (150 off – All India) (Not working now)

Uber 75 off Promo- XMASDELHI (75*3 off in Delhi Only)

Working Uber Promo Codes- Tvmfree (50*3 off in Triwantpuram Only)

Working Uber Promo Codes- Freerideindia (50*2 in all over India)

Working Uber Promo Codes- 5TIMES10 (50*2 off – Delhi Only)

Uber Promo Codes- ISICSTUDENT (600 Off)

Uber Promo Codes- NOPARKINGHERE (75*2 off- Only for Mumbai)

Uber Promo Codes BCC150 (Expired- 150 off in all over India)

Uber Promo Codes- MAVELI  (150 off  for new user in Kochi Only)

Uber Promo Code- VSKPAP (100 Off – All India)

Uber Promo Codes- UBERCHARUSAT- (100 Off in All Over India)

Uber Promo Codes- CISCUBER (100 off – Delhi Only)

Uber Promo Codes- Everyonesuber  (100 off for new users All Over India)

Uber Promo Codes- Chennaiyinfc (150 off for chennai)

Uber Promo Codes- INDIABLOG (50*2 – All India)

Uber Promo Codes- CASHPAYMENTS (50*2 off – All India)

Uber Promo Codes- Uberanytime (50*3 off – All over India)

Uber Promo Codes- SHORTCHANGE (50*2 off in Delhi NCR)


How To Apply Uber Promo Codes:

  • First Download Uber From Here.
  • Login/Signup to your Uber account.
  • Go to Promotion Tab >>Add promo code>> Initiate your ride.

If you have any query or suggestion related to Uber codes, feel free to ask us on comments 🙂

Uber Taxi Types:


  • The most affordable type of Uber car service, these cars are normal cars that are economically-viable and fuel-efficient. Examples include Toyota Prius, Chevy Impala, Honda Civic


  • UberXL vehicles are similar to UberX cars, but bigger. These cost a little more, but transport up to 6 passengers. Examples include Chevy Suburban, Lincoln Navigator


  • UberPLUS cars are still affordable, but a step up from UberX vehicles. These cars include BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Classes, and Audi A4’s, among others


  • UberBLACK is where things really step up in price and quality alike. One of the first types of Uber vehicles the company offered, this type has become very popular among celebrities and politicians. Examples include BMW 5 & 7 Series, Mercedes S/G/GL/GLA.GLC-Class, and more


  • UberLUX is the top of the line when it comes to Uber car types. These are the most expensive, but also most luxurious vehicles in the entire lineup. Examples include Lexus LS, Land Rover and Range Rover, Porche Panamera, Tesla – Model S, and other high end vehicles


  • While many critics argue that Uber is killing the taxi industry, that is not entirely true. The actually have an option where Uber users can request a normal yellow taxi and book a trip through the app.

These are common city taxi’s, and are a great way to support cab drivers, if you haven’t yet been drawn away by Uber’s ridiculously low pricing

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(Update) Latest Uber Promo Codes (All India)

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