Mini Militia 2.2.86 Mod New Skins New Weapons [HD MOD] Clean



Hi guys, first of all Thank you all for the love and support that you have given to me , i provided alot of mini militia mods before but this time its diffrent this simply appearance mod with new guns and new skins etc there is no overpowering mod in this apk because mini militia developers doesnt like it they are working hard to make mini militia better they removed all old mods from file hosting sites, anyway i decided not re upload that mods because i am now co-operating with mini militia team , i hope you all are satisfied with mini militia mods also dont forget that if use cheats you may get a permanent ban they are strong now so just use clean version , you can use this mini militia HD appearance mod i hope you like it also i am givingaway gift cards and recharges in my facebook page like my page and participate in giveaways if you win you can buy mini militia pro pack using that gift card good luck and keep supporting


  • Version 2.2.86
  • New Guns
  • New Skins
  • New Trees .. etc


Download Here !!


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