How To Make Facebook Id Viral In 5 Minutes – 2016

Facebook ID Viral

Hi Friends – Many people make big pages by making new verifed facebook ids and convert then into pages after making 5k friends. And they can merge 5 pages in single page and easily make 25k page in a single day. But for this trick we have to make 5k friends on id within a hour, So that we can make more and more ids in less time. So today we are going to sharing cool trick to make id viral in 5 minutes. After making id viral, we will start receiving many friends requests by this trick.

Requirements For This Trick :-

  • Facebook Social Toolkit
  • Chrome Browser
  • Pc, Laptops, Phone
  • Some Mind

New Latest Method To Make Facebook Id Viral – 2016 (Updated)

1) Make new fresh Id on Facebook with any girl name.

2) Set cute girl’s profile picture on it.

3) Go to any viral active group and click on latest post which have many likes.

Here is the best active group :-

4) Send friend requests to the people who recently likes that post in group.

5) Send at least 100+ friend requests.

6) Now go to Find Friends from your account.

7) You will see many Girls name IDs which are viral.

8) Send friend requests to all Girl name IDs from Find friends list.

9) Just wait and watch the number of friend requests.

10) Your ID is successfully viral now enjoy your Big Page with that ID. :p

Thank You all SIC members for visiting my website :3

How To Make Id Viral In 5 Minutes (1st Method) :-

First of all download Facebook Social Toolkit extention.
Open your facebook id in chrome browser.
Click on “Find Friends“.
You will see many suggestions to make friends there.
Now click on Facebook Social Toolkit extention and then click on “Click All Add Friend Buttons“.
You can see that friends requests are sending automatically in high speed.
Now after sending friends requests to all persons appearing on screen, Refresh the page and again you can see new suggestions.
Again and again send friend requests to all persons until you are able to do.
Done, Within some seconds you can surely feel changes in your id.
Your id is successfully viral now.

New trick comming soon stay with us 🙂

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How To Make Facebook Id Viral In 5 Minutes – 2016

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