If You Know the TYPES OF WEB Like Surface Web , Deep ,Dark Web Internet .We are Posting Some Intersting Information About Web (Internet).Internet Divided in Three Parts.Many Peoples Don’t Know about This Things And How they Perform.

We are Using Daily Internet But We Don’t Know How’s Its Works?


What is Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Internet?


#1 Surface Web:-


Everything which you are Using now with your phone and computer in internet is called as surface web. You are on www.techfundaz.net it is surface web. You Surf YouTube and other website this everything is surface web.
You websites and files are you find everything on Google, Bing Search, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo search and etc easily These all things comes in Surface web. Actually this internet is only 4% of total internet. we are just using 4% of internet daily.Everything You surf Internet Its a Surface Web.


#2 Deep Web


Deep web is the another part of the internet which is 96%. This is not indexed by Google and all other search engines. This means you cannot Access and Search for Any information on search engines. Not just only in Google but in any search engine Like Bing Search , DuckDuckGO.These are like your Google Drive storage and all other internet storages in which you store your Media. In which you store your important data. All these things are not shared on Search engine.If you have save a file in your online storage that is a movie. Now, if you want to search for that link. You won’t found that link. Because it is your private information.

Dark Web Occupies  96% of internet space is been used in Deep web. This is the reason behind the deep web is too vast thing.In deep web there is important security information of CBI, Police, Criminals they are stored in their database.


#3 Dark Web


Dark web is something a really dangerous. In the Dark web there is trading going on of Guns, Ammo’s, Drugs, Porns and many more illegal stuffs. Dark web is completely illegal and you will end up going to jail if you are going to visit in dark web from your normal browser like Google chrome and mozile firefox or opera mini etc.the only browser is available to use dark web is the TOR browser.
Dark web is also not indexed on Google and for that you need a special URL which is been needed if you want to visit Dark web.It is too violent and One should not visit in your life.

Please don’t visit Dark web because this is illegal.



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