Watch Star Channels in JioTV without Hotstar


Reliance jio 4G spread like a storm in India. The thing that attracts everyone to Reliance jio is their Unlimited 4G Relaince Jiointernet to all the users until December 31 2016. But it is yet to know that how reliance jio tries to retain their customer base after December 31. Like a Jio effect, other telecom operators also take part of the telecom war by decreasing data charges and by increasing data usage and validity.

Anyways, With Jio4G , reliance also offers premium services to all the users. One of them is JioTv. I think jiotv is the most popular one of all of the premium offers. JioTv allows users to watch live tv across india. it includes a vast number of channels in different languages and genre. it includes 350+ channels along with 40+ HD channels. Also, we can watch the past 7 days programs in JioTv. Unlike other live streaming apps, JioTv works really well. we can watch these channels without any buffering.

Although there are many advantages for JioTv, there is also some drawbacks. One of them is we cannot watch star tv channels like Star sports 1,2,3,4, Asianet etc. These channel list is included in JioTv, But clicking on these channels will redirect you to Hotstar App which is owned by Star group. JioTv is way better than Hotstar to watch live tv shows. So, In this post, I will explain how you can play all star group channels without Hotstar app


Watch Star Channels without Hotstar in JioTv

screenshot_2016-10-01-22-49-12In the new version of JioTv, the star tv channels can be only played by Hotsar app. But there is an older version for JioTv app. Older version is named JioPlay instead of JioTv. You can play all the channels in the app itself without redirecting to hotstar app. You cant get this older version of JioTV from Play store. So we have provided link for downloading the JioPlay app. You just have to download the app and start watching live tv without hotstar.

Click Here —–>>>> Download JioPlay Mod App


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